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There’s a Sweet Spot Waiting for You in Charleston

Looking for the best dessert in Charleston? Allow us to tempt you with the selection of delicious seasonal, classic, and beloved Southern desserts offered by Peninsula Grill.

With its velvet walls in shimmering oyster tones, woven seagrass, and indigenous cypress molding that draws the gaze up toward custom-designed chandeliers, Peninsula Grill exudes a sumptuous supper club ambiance. And the best way to cap off a fabulous dinner party is with the perfect bite of something sweet. 

Which is your favorite?

Peninsula Grill Chocolate Marquis


Chocolate Marquis
Light & Airy Chocolate Praline Mousse
with Toasted Hazelnut Ice Cream and a fabulous Mandarin Sauce


Seasonal Crème Brûlée

Seasonal Crème Brûlée

The Classic French Dessert of Creamy Vanilla Bean Custard
and Caramelized Sugar Accompanied by Very Fresh & Flavorful Berries


Banana "Panna Cotta" Pudding

Banana “Panna Cotta” Pudding
A Peninsula Grill Signature Dessert:

Silky Banana Pudding cleverly hidden inside
a Milk Chocolate Ganache dome accompanied by
a Homemade Vanilla Wafer and Caramel Sauce


Peninsula Grill Truffles & Confections

Truffles & Confections
The whimsy & skill of the talented pastry team shines through
in the ever-changing selection of wonderful one and two-bite treats


Peninsula Grill Trio of Sorbets

Trio of Sorbets
Seasonally-inspired flavors like ripe raspberry,

exotic passionfruit, and lemon pack a mouthful of pleasure.
Served with warm housemade cookies in a variety of flavors.


Peninsula Grill Trio of Ice Creams

Trio of Ice Creams
 Creamy, luscious, and infused with the seasonal flavors,

the housemade Peninsula Grill ice cream is wonderfully satisfying.
Served with warm housemade cookies in a variety of flavors.


The Ultimate Coconut Cake®

The Ultimate Coconut Cake®

 A Peninsula Grill Signature Dessert: 
With its twelve towering layers of delicious, Southern perfection,
the Peninsula Grill Ultimate Coconut Cake® caused a sensation
when it first appeared on the Valentine’s Day 1997 menu.

Praise from esteemed culinary and travel media outlets
made the fresh vanilla and coconut infused dessert famous. 
We serve slices of the now-iconicUltimate Coconut Cake® 
to Peninsula Grill guests nightly, and we also
ship entire cakes across America via overnight delivery.


The Peninsula Grill Dining Room

Which Dessert Will You Enjoy?

There is a special place in the very heart and soul of Charleston’s Historic District, where copper carriage lanterns flicker and guests pause to wonder what awaits on the other side of the wrought iron gate. The lovely sounds of soft laughter, palmetto fronds rustling in an evening breeze, and a gurgling fountain beckon from within the charming garden courtyard. A meandering, hand-pointed historic brick alleyway leads to a gleaming green door adorned with a burnished gold fleur-de-lis.

This resplendent and romantic sense of arrival is without peer in Charleston. Welcome to Peninsula Grill. Your delicious dessert awaits.


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