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Summer Cuisine in Charleston

Fresh summer flavors at Peninsula Grill

The peak of Charleston’s delicious summer cuisine has arrived! Local heirloom tomatoes bursting with sun-ripened flavor, fresh basil and mint, fresh seafood, sweet corn, sweet peaches, and so many more tantalizing flavors are being served nightly at Peninsula Grill in the very heart of Charleston’s exquisite Historic District.

South Carolina peaches are a luscious addition to all kinds of summertime cocktails and desserts. Peninsula Grill Executive Pastry Chef Claire Chapman’s crispy, flaky, and light-as-air Napoleon is an elegant homage to the local summer peach harvest. Vanilla cream cheese mousse is tucked between a housemade graham cracker cookie and puff pastry, local peaches slow roasted in Madeira and Charleston Tea, and cherry sauce complete this delicious dish. Taste this seasonal dessert at Peninsula Grill before the local peach harvest winds down! And be sure to check out Chef Chapman’s recipe for a refreshing Peach-Basil Granita in this month’s issue of Charleston magazine.

Your enchanting midsummer evening awaits at Peninsula Grill.

For reservations, please call (843) 723-0700.

Seasonal summer dishes at Peninsula Grill in Charleston, S.C.Heirloom tomatoes at Peninsula Grill in Charleston, S.C.Peninsula Grill Executive Pastry Chef Claire Chapman's crispy, flaky, and light-as-air Peach Napoleon.   The Peninsula Grill courtyard is illuminated by flickering carriage lanterns.

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